"this is my planet, it's very very small, and there are lots of baobob. My flower is also on my planet" "Earth is a huge, big, planet. There are millions of foxes, lamp postes, flowers, and people"
"these are the planets that I visited during my journey. The lamp post lights and darkens with a switch"


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 "S'il vous plait, dessine-moi un mouton" ~ the little prince

<>Sherry: Morning. It's morning here in Jersey. I was searching around the internet for le petit prince websites, and I came upon this wonderful site that has a complete english translation of the book with pictures! So it's like reading the french book online, but in english. Here Summary page is up! Enjoy and remember what's important in life. :) bahhh....

The little prince is a book by Saint Exupery. All the images here are drawn by me, but they are the reproductions of Exupery's drawings in the novel. This Site is copyrighted 2002 by Sherry Liu. All design/content/layout is the property of the author otherwise noted. part of Mellow Cherry

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